Wednesday, March 21, 2018

We welcome spring...with a snow day???

The weather seems to be in the spotlight on this blog lately!  Today work and schools were closed as we welcomed spring with a snow storm.  This was wet, heavy snow that crashed to the deck from the spreaders.  It was pretty, but a little surprising for this time of year!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

"March comes in like a lion..."

March has brought some "interesting" weather to the marina. While in years past we would have still been sailing through much of the winter, this year the wind/ice/tide have pushed us to the mountains! We have taken advantage of this time to get the sails cleaned and repaired, hit the slopes, and check out local theater events.

March 2nd brought a real first to the D.C. metro area--the federal government shut down due to wind! That's right, sustained high winds with 50kt gusts in the forecast shut us down! It was a "sporty" day at the dock as we tried to preserve canvas on some of our neighbors' boats. The next morning, low tide and continued winds out of the north darn near drained all of the water from the marina!

Fast forward a week, and we almost had water over the docks. I'm amazed the kids managed to climb aboard after school!

We take it all in stride. We will get the sails back on today, the marina held its sock burning party last night, and the osprey have returned. It's time to get back on the water!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

From sea to...snow!!!!

This weekend the kids FINALLY got to enjoy their Christmas present--a ski/snowboard trip to Liberty Mountain Resort! The kids both wanted to try snowboarding, so we all did! It was fun albeit painful on my bum. After 5 hours the girl child switched to skis and was a natural! We skied all day, only taking a quick break for lunch and a nice dinner with our cousin/sister/brother-in-law before skiing almost until the lifts closed (ok, the parents did a few runs down the bunny slope before retreating to firepit at the bar, but the kids kept going!). We slept GREAT that night!

With snow falling the next day we decided to shift gears (and give our bodies a break) and headed over to the snow tubing area. Again...FUN! First time we've done that, too!

Other than rough weather for the drive home and the Patriots losing the Super Bowl, it was an epic weekend!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Discovering SCUBA

As we continue with the weather flip flops this January, we decided to take advantage of a Groupon for a "Discover SCUBA" class with Chesapeake Underwater Sports in Annapolis. They LOVED it! It was a quick classroom lesson followed by some basics in the shallow end of a pool, but both kids enjoyed the freedom of breathing underwater. I think certifications are in our near future!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Time to get moving!

A long weekend, another deep freeze. I made the executive decision--we were getting out of here! Even though the Captain was under the weather, we grabbed a friend and our swim suits and headed to Great Wolf Lodge. It wasn't the peace and serenity of an anchorage, but there was water and fun!