Sunday, April 27, 2014

Up Weems Creek

We set out this weekend to try to catch a rockfish and enjoy a sunny weekend on the bay.  We headed north Saturday, picking up a Navy mooring in Weems Creek in the late afternoon as winds became gusty and variable.  In the creek we clocked gusts up to 25kts.  We even had a duck fly up onto our deck!  A storm passed through just as the sun set, lighting up the sky, but we huddled together watching Pirates of the Caribbean.  

Sunday was a stunner!  Sunny, clear, and just enough wind for sail trolling.  On the way out of the Severn, Frank even managed to fix a slow drip from one of the cooling lines.  We didn't catch any fish, but had a great day of sailing.

We returned to clean the boat, get a start on the spring wax job, and enjoy a cookout on the beach.  Really just a great weekend with the family.

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