Saturday, August 31, 2013

An Epic "Part 1" of a long weekend

This long weekend we are trying something different--hanging out at the marina!  It's hot, chance of t-storms, lots of fun folks around, and let's face it--day sails are fun, too!  After the fog of last night's party wore off, we got underway. I am trying to get more comfortable/proficient so I took the helm for much longer than I usually do.  Our neighbors were out on their boat, "Nirvana", too and we all scored great photos of the boats under full sail.

It was a great couple of hours out on the water.  The wind was so steady that we even got a little chance to relax!

When we got back we tossed the 'ole pigskin around on the beach (football season starts this week!!) before enjoying a wonderful cookout with our neighbors. I really enjoy this fun group of folks, it's like a crazy family reunion sometimes!  And finally we made it to the beach for the movie "Epic."  I think I forgot just how nice it is to enjoy a movie while sitting under the stars...

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