Sunday, August 25, 2013

LaTrappe Adventure

This weekend's outing was a mix of awesome and challenging.  Pre-underway checks Saturday morning revealed a few inches of water in the engine compartment (which is usually bone dry).  ~7 gallons of bailing and investigation exposed the issue to be a kinked hose on the a/c condensate pump, with a minor contribution from a crack in the transom shower head.

And then, we were off!  The bay was quite choppy and we caught a good gust with all of our canvas up.  Result--games, papers, people made a quick trip to the starboard side of the boat.  Conditions moderated pretty quickly, and we managed a little fishing on the way to LaTrappe Creek.  We goofed off at the beach and spotted a waterspout on our way back to the boat--crazy!

Sunday was super calm so we gave the spinnaker a try.  Disaster!  Not sure what we did wrong, probably something about the crappy helmsman (me) accidentally gybing, but the sock got all tangled and we had to just muscle the whole thing back on board.  Pfffttt....

Thank goodness the pool was waiting for us when we returned!  The kids got a chance to try out their new snorkel gear for our trip this fall.  

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