Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sailstice Weekend--Quiet Waters and Good Parties

This weekend we tried something a little different.  I bugged out of work on Friday early, grabbed some Honey's Harvest pizza and a couple of bottles of wine to-go, and we got underway!  There wasn't a ton of wind, but we managed to sail most of the way to Harness Creek before sunset.  It was a spectacular solstice sunset with a bright moon.  

Saturday morning we were perfectly placed about 100 yards from the paddle dock at Quiet Waters State Park.  After a lazy morning and breakfast on deck, we headed ashore.  This park is so nice!  We scored a geocache before finding the big playground.  I really can't wait to come back.

After lunch and a quick swim at the boat we ran the gauntlet of boats anchored in the channel of the creek, then got to experience the excitement of the South River on a busy Saturday.  We returned home in plenty of time for the HHS slip holder party.  As always, great food (chicken tikka, bruschetta, oysters, BBQ) and tons of drinks.  Met some fun folks!

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