Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Spring Break tradition?

Yesterday we had 20-25 kt winds al the way from Baltimore to Rock Hall. Not a big deal as we were reefed appropriately, but the quarter seas were tough to handle down below. A few sent the art supplies flying about the cabin and the result was not unlike the near-knockdown we experienced last year on the way to Baltimore. A little later Swab succumbed to the motion and threw up in his bed. Katreina rallied to clean her brother up, then read to him while he lay on the cabin sole.

Having weathered all of that we were headed for the free wall tie-up and on the hunt for the G1 buoy outside of Rock Hall and simply couldn't find it. Frank used all his tools--chart, Active Captain, the appearance of the water--to find the deep channel but we grounded. Flashback to Coinjock last year! We got off for maybe 10-15 seconds before we grounded again, and were getting set toward the jetty. Good times! This time he made it off and stayed off, and we headed to a slightly less precarious anchorage on the other side of town. Still shallow, but not as crazy. The Manson set easily and we rode out the afternoon of 20+ winds in comfort.

Today we will head into town, maybe do some laundry, maybe stay another night. There's a good chance we won't ever be heading back here! Next year we may have to travel sans sailboat to avoid crazy wind and groundings!

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