Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tropical season shifts into high gear

When we moved the boat down to the Gulf coast, hurricanes became a greater worry for us.  And this year's season is ramping up fast with Invest 99L lingering as a possible tropical storm for the coast next week. 

While we watch and wait, we decided to head to the boat to make sure it's ready to get underway if needed.  The amount of sediment and growth in the a/c lines since we moved had me worried about the engine and prop, so it was a diving day!  It was my turn so I scrubbed and scraped the hull, somehow losing a fin in the process!  The water was so murky that even though I felt it fall off, it was lost immediately.  The real work was in the prop, which was so encrusted in the closed position that I had to work to get it open.  I went ahead and changed the prop zinc while I was there, too.  We started up the engine and it sounds great!  In just about 2 hours we managed to get the boat sortie-ready and I am way less stressed about it.  And I got a treat at Pop Brothers as a reward. 

Now we continue to watch and wait.  We didn't take down any canvas or add any lines yet.  Though I'll be gone Wed-Thurs I know we have friends that are willing to help Frank if needed, and I am very thankful for that!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Decisions, decisions

It's never been super easy, but as the kids get older and retirement gets closer it gets a bit harder.  I was asked by my detailer to "power rank" a few potential next assignments.  We are just over a year out from the end of this tour (feels like I just started here!).  This next move may be the one I retire from.  This is forcing us to expand the conversation to what is after this next job.  Are the kids still excited about a few years of cruising?  Do we want to return to somewhere familiar, or try something completely new and adventurous?  Will our next home allow us to return to living aboard and prepping the boat?  And even after we discuss and rank all of this, will it even matter?  Perhaps not.  Decisions, decisions...