Sunday, March 22, 2015

Welcome, Spring!

It's still not that warm, but we are ripping through the annual maintenance list.  I also managed to repair the bimini window I busted over the winter.  Got the materials from a local shop...Frank went in asking to buy a remnant, but the guy gave it to him for free because it was "nice out."  Love that.  Anyway, taking down the bimini revealed that I had a lot more than a window to fix.  Many seams were suffering from serious UV damage, so I did a lot of reinforcing.  I stitched the new windows over the old, then cut the old out.  Not perfect, but pretty good and hella cheap!

We biked, worked, celebrated a neighbor's birthday/retirement...a really good weekend, but we are ready to get our genoa and outboard back so we can get out!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Slippery situation!

Freezing rain through the night made for a treacherous walk on the dock this morning.  I'm glad I was wearing my life jacket!  The worst part was getting up the little hill to where my car is parked!  It's pretty, but we are ready for a taste of spring.