Friday, December 11, 2015

Two-way delay!

So the water in the bilge was from a failing shaft seal.  While researching yards to get hauled out so we could safely fix it, we discovered that we were stuck in Jacksonville until Saturday anyway due to bridge maintenance!  This morning we made it to Sadler Point Marina and are now on the hard with the old seal removed.  They just couldn't finish the work today, so they will wrap it up tomorrow.  For the weekend, this is how we will live...

The area of concern... (See the water???)

And the worn-out seal...

Today is also our 11th anniversary!  Yeah!  We treated ourselves to a sushi lunch and dinner at Harpoon Louie's.  What's next?  Well, even assuming the fix is done tomorrow they can't launch us until Monday.  Sunday we will have to look at the weather and determine our options given that this has basically delayed us four days.  We aren't giving up yet!  Are we mad?  No--much better to find this trouble near a dock than out at sea.  You can't safely sail by a rigid schedule without some allowance or flexibility for mechanical issues and weather.  I'll take a few days in the yards with my spouse over an emergency at sea any day.


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