Monday, December 14, 2015

Patrick AFB to St. Lucie River

Winds stayed from the south today, so we stuck with the ICW to at least make some progress.  It made for a pretty chill day...I made a "fancy" breakfast of sausage and egg burritos, we knocked out some chores, and even got a nice visit from dolphins near Fort Pierce.

We decided to hit up a marina tonight so we could shower, top off the fridge, and do a little laundry.  We picked one near the mouth of the St. Lucie River that had a grocery store nearby.  Eh, I'm not normally a fan of marinas and this one proved why!  We called ahead and got a slip assignment, and even told them when we expected to arrive.  As we approached we called for more info on where the slip was and to ask for line help, but the marina office was closed!  Pulling in sucked.  Huge slip, very windy, and to top it off, we touched bottom trying to back in.  We had some "help" on the pier that was a bossy know-it-all, and another guy that really did help.  We eventually had to swing around and go bow in--touched bottom again outside of the slip just trying to make that maneuver!  Finally we got a few lines secured, but it wasn't pretty or fun!  So the marina wasn't quite right about the slip being deep enough for us.  They also didn't provide wifi info, code for the big gate at the end of the pier, basically didn't provide anything one needs when arriving after the office closes.  But alas, we were tied up, showered, did laundry, overpaid for dinner, and managed to replenish some stores at a grocery store that was a 10 minute walk away.  And we found really yummy libations there!  Time to rest up as tomorrow we are heading back out to the ocean!

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