Saturday, December 12, 2015

Heading south

I know, I know.  I said we would be in Jacksonville until Monday.  But that was before I was fully aware of just what Sadler Point Marina would do for its customers!  As expected, Chip reinstalled our shaft seal this morning, with a bit of help from David (who should have been off today).  Then the kicker--they called in another member of the crew to get us launched!  Wow!  We had to scurry to pick up wash and wax pails, but we didn't care!  The had us out and on our way by noon, with plenty of tide to get us over a sandbar by the Ortega River bridge.  

We have some weather to contend with Sunday into Monday, but for now we are a couple of miles off shore, making our way to Ponce de Leon inlet.  USCG has warned of a capsized vessel, multiple "lost" shipping containers, and right whales.  The watch rotation is set and the sunset was lovely!

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