Monday, July 13, 2015

"See you later"

This move is the first we've done where one of the kids has a good friend that they are leaving.  As I talk to my daughter about the ways to stay in touch and how this doesn't have to be a final goodbye I'm realizing that I am also struggling with this move!  I love my boat home and we are going to leave it for 2 years.  I love our marina, the beach that we often have to ourselves, the kids' school, the neighbors who will loan a tool with no concern, the friends who will drive my whole dang family to the airport at an obscenely early hour, and the kid homes that have their doors wide open to my crazy crew.  Usually I'm excited for our moves, excited for what the new area will bring.  But this isn't a new area for us and maybe that's part of it.  We know the town and the house--it's the last house we lived in before the boat.  The excitement lies totally in our new school and job, which could both be totally amazing, but this move is definitely missing the spark that some of the others have had.  That said, we will press on because that's what this little Navy team does and in just under 3 weeks, we will be saying "see you later."  

There is a little comfort in knowing that this is practice for the reality of life ahead.  Changes happen, and they will keep their good friends for years no matter where they are.  As Navy and cruising kids I expect they will experience this many more times than I ever did with my transitions from home to college to job to job, but I hope that they, too, will have a crazy collective of good friends around the globe.

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