Sunday, July 12, 2015

Windless Weekend

With a forecast of no wind, highs in the 90's, and plenty of homework for the Skipper, we actually stayed at the marina this weekend.  Saturday morning the kids goofed off on bikes and skateboards while I did a little purging and organizing in the storage unit.  After lunch we picked up K's best buddy (another "K") and went to the pool.  It was a perfect pool day, capped off with a stop for ice cream.  Then the girls worked their cuteness on all of us and got to have a no-notice sleepover.

That left Trent to hang out with us!  We went to the beach for a showing of "Disney Nature: Oceans."  It was great!  Trent fell asleep in the first hour, but we stayed until the end.

Sunday was another day of chores, homework, and packing as we prep to have the boat hauled for some fresh bottom paint.  After lunch the Captain and 2nd Mate motored the boat up to the boat yard while Swab and I drove the truck.  We got settled into our transient slip and headed to the HHN pool.  It was a totally different scene than HHS, but we cooled off and enjoyed the cabana bar.  We walked to the Dockside for a great dinner.  The North marina is different, but still nice.  Hope to be back within the week!

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