Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ah-mazing Ah-nnapolis!

A crazy last minute EBay bid on a life raft this week had us looking at a drive up to Delaware to pick up our purchase this weekend.  But the seller offered to meet us halfway, choosing Annapolis as the meeting spot.  We tried to offer something closer to him, but he stuck with Annapolis.  Suddenly the weekend was looking better!

We enjoyed a nice evening with our neighbors Friday and set out early Saturday morning for Annapolis.  We motored so as not to be late, but still had a nice morning on the bay.  We settled into the mooring field and headed ashore to pick up our purchase!

We need to get it certified, but it was a great deal.  Next, back to town for ice cream, playground fun, and dinghy cruising!  We also spent a few hours lazing on deck (ok, I was lazy while Frank polished stuff)--it was pure bliss!

After dinner we did some more dinghy cruising, chatted with another Beneteau 393 on the mooring beside us, and enjoyed the sunset.  

After an awesome Sunday breakfast at Sophie's Crepes we are headed back home for some pool time.  I am really going to miss this!

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  1. Looks like a great day on the water - congrats on the "new" life raft!