Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow day!

Wow!  This morning we woke up to lots of snow!  It's about 7 inches deep on the dock, which is impressive given how much wind there was.  It's a nice, dry snow so removing with a deck brush was pretty easy.  A flexible cutting board also made a nice "shovel" for scooping it off the deck.  But my excitement got the better of new!  While "punching" the canvas bimini to pop the snow off, I forgot to account for just how brittle eisenglass would be at below-freezing temp and busted right through one!  Fortunately it was a small one.  Now I get to use my industrial sewing machine on a new project!

As for the inside of the boat, things are better.  Super glue repairs to the freshwater strainer cover worked and the lines have thawed out.  We didn't tighten it on super tight so there is a little drip, but we are good for now.  The only other damage to the freshwater system was a cracked faucet head in the kids' head.  Rescue tape fixed it for now.  West Marine is still closed so we can't do any better today.  The heads have thawed and can be used again.  That said, we are completely iced in so it will be a while until the pump out boat can visit us.  Still didn't start the engine...waiting a while for that.

We had a nice mix of clearing and snow, playing in snow, and knocking out chores while the Captain teleworked.  We made a big pot of chili to keep us going.  We even got to see one of our non-liveaboard neighbors and helped him rig a bubbler that will actually benefit us a little, too.

The only real bummer is that this is about the warmest day we will see all week and the freshwater at the pier head is completely frozen.  We last filled about 2 weeks ago so we are in ultra conservation mode.  Hopefully it will get warm enough this coming weekend.  The rest of the week looks to be record-setting cold.

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