Saturday, June 28, 2014

Took the kite out for a trip to Annapolis!

Today was our first "in season" trip to Annapolis this year.  The wind was super light, so Katreina took the helm while we rigged the spinnaker (also for the first time this season!).  She did great and we were able to sail part of the way up the bay.  Was it perfect?  No.  We actually forgot a block and ran the down haul wrong, but we accomplished forward motion for a few hours so it's counted as a success!  We'll add that block next time.  ;)

We took a mooring in Spa Creek and headed to town for ice cream, shopping, play ground time, and a few Painkillers from Pusser's for the ride back.  Again, Katreina had some great driving skills!

We wrapped up the day swimming in the creek, though there was quite a bit of boat/paddle board/kayak traffic.  Frank made an awesome dinner before taking us on one last dinghy ride.  I am sooo relaxed!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sailstice 2014

What a busy weekend!  Friday night one of our crew was off at a slumber party and the rest of us headed to the marina's slip holder party--so fun!  They were serving up rockfish, mussels, crab wraps, potatoes, corn bread, cake, and of course, beer, wine and orange crushes!

Saturday wasn't the best weather-wise, but we still got underway to celebrate the solstice/sailstice!  The kids were very tired from their late nights and slept for most of the time we were out!

Saturday was made complete with a salsa tasting and the movie "Frozen" on the beach.  Such a great day!

Sunday we took advantage of all the water fun the marina has to offer!  After a slip holder breakfast (more yummy food!) the boys went out fishing while the girls went kayaking and paddle boarding.  After lunch we all went boarding and to the pool.  We all got a little too much sun, but we had so much fun!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Plaindealing to Oxford

We started Saturday with a presentation on the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, given by its Director, Dr. Hines.  With a lack-luster wind forecast for the day, we decided to head across the bay for a swimming hole, fully expecting to motor.  Happily the forecast was wrong!  

We had nice, steady winds from the south for most of the trip and had all the canvas up.  Sunny and 80!  We decided to head for Oxford, but tried a new spot in Plaindealing Creek.  Good spot--peaceful, good holding, and a quick dinghy ride into town for some of the best ice cream on the bay.  It was a good night for sky observing, too--moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and a satellite!  We even saw our first cow nose rays of the year here!  

Heading home ahead of some unsettled weather, cleaning up the bay as we go.  So far we have picked up a children's life vest and a beer can.  :)