Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sea Change

I've been putting off this post for a while...not sure why, but I have.  The thing is, it really is about good news!  This fall, shortly after my promotion, we found out that I'd screened for command.  Command!!!  It's the most humbling news ever!  Next summer we'll be heading south as the command is in Mississippi.

But...(there's always a "but") that presents a decision point.  "Down South" is where we have a house, a real brick and mortar place that we bought the last time we were stationed there because it was right by a great elementary school.  But we currently have a great renter in it and moving in there will cost us more.  But getting the boat down there will take time and patience, especially as my move is right in the middle of hurricane season.  But the school by the marina isn't rated as highly as the school by the house.  But the kids' school starts in early August down there.  What??!??!?  That's seven weeks after they finish the year up here!  And I have training to go to in August!

It seems we may be swallowing the hook for a bit.  It's for all the right reasons, and we can spend that time finally purging the remaining "stuff" and giving both the house and the boat some TLC, but it's still a tough pill to swallow.

Lots of details to work out, but for now, it's time to enjoy the season with my amazing family.  Merry Christmas!

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