Saturday, August 9, 2014

New Friday tradition?

I really love our Friday night tradition--pizza at Honey's Harvest market with a few friends.  Since the weather looked good we decided to invite the two families we normally dine with out for a "pizza to-go" night on the boat.  So glad we did, and that they accepted!  We got underway with twelve people on board (six kids, six adults!) for a few hours of gentle sailing.  I loved having "new" excited kids aboard, and the weather was just perfect.  We anchored just off the Herrington Harbour South's west beach and shuttled our guests back ashore via dinghy just after nightfall.  It was really a great summer evening on the water.

The Captain and 2nd Mate stayed at the dock partying for a few more hours with our neighbors while Swab and I relaxed on the hook.  Perfect!

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