Sunday, July 13, 2014

Everything is awesome!

We stayed put this weekend as Frank needed to knock out some homework and we had a good friend celebrating a birthday.  And it ended up being awesome!

Saturday was "maintenance day" on many fronts.  Everyone in the family got their hair done and Frank replaced the aft air conditioning condensate pump.  

Then the kids and I headed to the local water park (very local, like 5 minutes down the road) to celebrate their friend Julia's birthday.  It was a blast!

We left the water park, washed all the chlorine out of our fresh highlights and headed to the beach to watch "The Lego Movie" with a bunch of our friends.  Everything was awesome!

Sunday was a great day to chill at the marina.  We enjoyed the Herrington Harbour hospitality at a slip holder breakfast then spent 5 solid hours at the pool.  We got some sun!  Then we read and grilled and relaxed.  And that is how I like my weekends!

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  1. Hi Jody and Frank! I'm not quite sure how I found your blog but I'm so glad I did. We also are a Navy family looking to buy a non-Navy boat to live aboard on my husband's next tour (he's a Chaplain) in Coronado, CA. I'd love to ask y'all some questions if that's alright. Our email is We're close to closing on a 38' catamaran but running into a few obstacles. Thanks so much, Brandy Kelly