Saturday, June 28, 2014

Took the kite out for a trip to Annapolis!

Today was our first "in season" trip to Annapolis this year.  The wind was super light, so Katreina took the helm while we rigged the spinnaker (also for the first time this season!).  She did great and we were able to sail part of the way up the bay.  Was it perfect?  No.  We actually forgot a block and ran the down haul wrong, but we accomplished forward motion for a few hours so it's counted as a success!  We'll add that block next time.  ;)

We took a mooring in Spa Creek and headed to town for ice cream, shopping, play ground time, and a few Painkillers from Pusser's for the ride back.  Again, Katreina had some great driving skills!

We wrapped up the day swimming in the creek, though there was quite a bit of boat/paddle board/kayak traffic.  Frank made an awesome dinner before taking us on one last dinghy ride.  I am sooo relaxed!

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