Sunday, March 9, 2014

Small town benefits

We had a whirlwind weekend, taking a train from DC to IL and back to go to a benefit for one of my high school friends who's taking on her own fight against breast cancer.  The event was overwhelming.  So many people donated items, time, and money to support one of our hometown girls.  The hugs were heartfelt, the smiles sincere, and the tears flowing!  It was great catching up with people I haven't seen in years, but mostly it was great seeing the smile on Missy's face.  When we left, I sat in the car sobbing.  Katreina asked, "Mommy, are you happy or sad?"  "Yes, baby."  I was so happy about the outpouring of support and generosity from my small town, but sad that I just don't make it back that often.  It was an amazing trip. 

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