Sunday, April 28, 2013

Little escape to the Little Choptank

Yesterday we headed out in light winds for a weekend of decompressing. We mixed it up, sailing, motoring, trawling along and attempting to land a rockfish (striped bass in my old stomping grounds). Frank rigged up 2 Cuban yo-yo hand lines and actually got a fish! It wasn't big enough to keep, but it was still exciting. We anchored in Hudson Creek off the Little Choptank for the night and relaxed with some fishing, movies, and popcorn. Headed back to the marina now, with hooks in the water, to cook up a dock party for one of our neighbors that is departing to cruise up to New England.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Some chores around the house

This weekend's unseasonably cool, brisk weather made it a perfect weekend to wrap up some lingering chores. For me, that meant starting off my weekend in retail hell, trying to find "the" thing my preschooler needed to take to class this week. It also meant goofing off with the kids, going to a movie, and completing some chores. Off the list--windlass maintenance, chain and rode wash-down/inspection/re-paint, dinghy oar lock install, and the official naming of the dinghy, "Saratoga." If you haven't seen the movie "Captain Ron," you won't get it. So overall a decent weekend considering it was spent at the pier!