Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall sailing and Halloween preps

Finishing off this weekend was crazy!  It started all calm with coffee and a beautiful sunrise.  I love anchoring in Harness Creek!

We had a great sail back, though I'm a little sad that it's the last sail we'll do with the Halloween decor this year.  

We were home long enough to spray off the boat and chat with neighbors before we hit the road for a 3-hr round trip that would get us a Nettle Net!  We've been thinking about getting one and found a great deal on Craig's List for a gently used one.  At least it was a nice day to take a drive through the farmlands!  Next summer swimming off the boat is going to be so much nicer without worrying about jellyfish.

We returned to find very low water at the marina, so low the boat was touching bottom at the slip.  The kids and I had some fun with this and hiked WAY out off the beach!

As if today wasn't already busy enough, we cleaned out our pumpkins so they are ready to carve tomorrow.  Kids are in bed, seeds are roasted, and the house is reasonably clear of pumpkin guts!  Up next weekend--Downrigging in Chestertown!!!

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