Sunday, September 29, 2013

Party Weekend

This weekend was full of excitement!  We kicked it off Friday night at Honey's Harvest's Biergarten--great food and drinks, good times with our neighbors, and well-behaved kiddos (thanks to Netflix!).

Saturday morning (after a touch too much pumpkin pie liquor, I might add), we were awoken by the bilge pump running continuously.  And salt water in the bilge.  Uh oh.  A quick trace of all through-hulls revealed no major issues and finally a leaky intake to the forward a/c unit.  Frank had been wanting to replace the bleed valve anyway, so it became a project day!  All was fixed in short order and we were able to enjoy the beach bonfire.  I really enjoyed it with my new wine baggy!

After striking out at a used paddle board sale, we shopped Annapolis for a few more Halloween decorations and headed home to deck out the boat.  Love it!  Can't wait to get underway!

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