Monday, May 27, 2013

Off/on water weekend

With crazy winds in the forecast we pulled ourselves off the boat for a few days to visit with nearby family.  Sunday we persuaded them to join us for a day sail.  With 10 people aboard we got some early excitement when we touched bottom just trying to leave the marina!  We sailed under a scrap of sail in 15-20 kts and managed a comfortable ride.  After we turned back towards home we were shocked to see a huge group of dolphins!  There were at least two dozen and they were frolicking all around us.  Such a treat!  After we returned we played on the beach and had a nice cook out.  

Today we did all we could to celebrate the freedom so many have died protecting.  Breakfast on deck, bike rides, a dip in the freezing pool, lunch by the pool, kayaking, paddle boarding, dinner with our neighbors...a full, wonderful day.

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