Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break! First stop--Baltimore!

We decided to head north this break and explore areas around Baltimore and beyond. We sailed up Saturday under a reefed genoa and made our anchorage in the inner harbor well before nightfall. Sunday morning I was literally shaken by the Constellation firing her morning gun! We registered for the dinghy dock and headed out for a nice day of touring historic ships. We hit all four and the lighthouse and while Constellation is still our favorite, Taney was a nice surprise.

With the weather going downhill and snow falling, we spent Monday cozy and warm in the aquarium. The kids were really enjoying all the dinghy driving practice, too, as we let them ferry us around.

Tuesday we were surprised by big field trip crowds at the Maryland Science Center, but really enjoyed the IMAX film about Shackleton's journey to Antarctica. Worn out from 3 busy days we returned to the boat early to receive our annual USCG boarding. :-)

So after three days of fun, four nights of movies at the boat, and our final visit from law enforcement this morning, we are out of here! I got to use the nice, new wash down pump to rinse off the anchor as we brought it in, and now we are heading out with around 20kts on the stern. Rock Hall, here we come!

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