Sunday, February 24, 2013

Safety note

Today one of our neighbors took a plunge...Frank saw him on the dock afterward, looking cold and shaken up, but otherwise alright.  He made it back to the dock on his own somehow, and all we could offer to help was a hot drink.  Another gentleman in our marina was not so lucky earlier this year.  Safety is no joke, though I'm the first to admit it's easy to get slack.  When we lived in Washington, the kids wore life jackets year round.  Here in Maryland (and now that they can swim) they only wear them part of the year.  And quite honestly they are very rarely out on the dock without one of us.  While for the most part we're thinking about water temperature, I'm also thinking about head trauma.  On the way to the water there are so many things one can knock their noggin on.  I think that we're kind of to the point that if we're working around the boat without another family member around we are going to be putting the jacket on.  It's a minor inconvenience to make sure we're around to enjoy many more years on the water.

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