Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 4--EC

This morning we had a very peaceful cruise to Elizabeth City where we enjoyed the hospitality of the town's free slips, had some ice cream and cupcakes, helped a fellow sailor into his slip, visited with family and friends, got to show a few old friends our floating home, played ball and did cartwheels, had a nice dinner with friends, and finally ended the day with cocktails in the cockpit. Full, wonderful day!

Tomorrow we will start the journey back, taking a little more time to enjoy it on the return while still ensuring we are back in time for the Easter Egg Roll!

Kickin' it by the piers.
A remake of our engagement photo, taken about 8 years ago on this very slide!
The kids attempted to remake the photo, too! 
Welcome to Elizabeth City, NC, the Harbor of Hospitality!
Playing catch with Grandma and Grandpa P.

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