Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 3, Plan B

We left our horrible anchorage very early this morning in 20-25kt winds. That quickly became 30-35kts sustained in steep chop (that's not fun). Add to it the fact that we had to transit in a narrow channel that others had reported shoaling (shallower-than-charted) and it was a pretty stressful cruise, mostly for Frank as he was driving. To keep things exciting we even grounded at one point! Thank goodness the engine, along with some help from the wind and waves, broke us free within seconds. Suffice to say, after just a few hours we were ready for a break and happily tied up in Coinjock (just a short drive from Elizabeth City) before lunch. The sun broke out and it was nice to just relax while the wind roared on, and we even got a nice visit from the grandparents! A hearty meal at the marina's restaurant and showers for the crew capped off the night and we are ready to head to Elizabeth City in the morning. Still a very nice day!

Super windy day, but the Captain is still smiling!
My favorite sign in Coinjock.
32 oz prime rib!  This cut provided 2 dinners, 4 lunches, and 1 breakfast, and it was delicious!

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