Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 2--to the ICW

This was a chock-full day! After leaving our lovely anchorage at Fishing Bay, just south of the Rappahanock, we headed towards the Norfolk area. Katreina drove for a bit (with the auto pilot on) and the kids and I hung out in deck quite a bit. We got a great view of the ships at the naval base, grabbed some fuel, and headed to the Intracoastal Waterway. The opening of bridges and being in locks was new and exciting for us! That said, it has taken us longer than expected and transiting the ICW in the dark in a deep-draft vessel is stressful! Now we're at a so-so anchorage just south of the Pungo Ferry Bridge for some rest, hoping that the hook holds until sunrise. If the wind shifts as forecast we will likely be out in the channel, but we just need a few "down" hours. If the weather cooperates we should land at Elizabeth City tomorrow afternoon!
Katreina and "Ray" at the helm.
A little dirt time while we wait for our 1st lock in Lehe Paine!
Great Bridge Bridge, VA
Trent checks on the bridge status.

Cruising the ICW.

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