Monday, March 5, 2012

A little drama, but still a happy birthday!

Today is my little girl's 6th birthday, and since I missed the last one due to deployment I wanted it to be perfect! Well, perfect isn't always what you initially think it is. We had cake drama (the bakery didn't have chocolate even though we ordered 3 weeks ago!), Trent got in trouble at school, and while thinking about the first and "discussing" the second with the little man, I rear-ended another commuter. Totally flustered! Thankfully all were ok, the cars looked ok, and the lady I hit nicely took my info and we were on our way. I may have to buy a Subaru bumper in the near future!

In the end, the birthday was great! Katreina ordered all her Chinese favorites and loved her Barbie cake (even though it wasn't chocolate). She got some nice gifts and really loved her "level 2" book which she immediately read to her brother. It was perfect. We love you, Beaner!

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