Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Ok, it's not as bad as it sounds, but we were aground tonight at the pier. Extreme spring tides coupled with high winds sucked the water out of the marina and we were aground when we got home. Not too bad, not leaning on the pier or pilings or anything, but a line had to be let out and we had to step down (unheard of!) to get aboard. What to do about it? Have a "beached" party! Served up plenty of mojitos for the Captain and I tonight!

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  1. What an extraordinary blog, and an extraordinary family and experience. I came across it via a link on a sailing forum, and had the enjoyable experience of reading it start to finish while sitting next to a crackling fire, reading with my family. Glad to hear you enjoyed Baltimore, I sail out of the Downtown Sailing Center in the Inner Harbor. Next time you visit, check out the Baltimore Museum of Industry, it's really kid friendly and a short dink ride from where you tied up, down by the Domino's sugar factory, next to General Ship Repairs. Fort McHenry is really nice, too, particularly on July Fourth.

    Also, thank you both for your service. My wife and I are veterans, and spent the first year of our now 28 year marriage on separate PCSs, so we know what you've had to sacrifice to serve our country (let alone TDYs to various garden spots around the world).

    So, thanks for the blog, and your insights into the PNW and now your fresh impressions of the Bay. Bob