Wednesday, November 30, 2011


After a rather challenging day at work for both of us and a trip to Dunkirk for dinner and some shopping, we returned to the marina to quite a surprise!  Our radar arch, which is scheduled for install tomorrow, is hovering in position over the stern of the boat already!  Honestly, I started to question what day of the week it was when I first saw it.  Very excited for tomorrow.  This thing has been on order for months from Beneteau, got shipped to the wrong place initially, and is FINALLY here!  No more tripping over the dinghy on the bow!!!!!!!!!
The arch!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Can this day get better? YES!

Whew! Today started with all sorts of disaster! After hitting bad traffic on the commute in, the little guy puked all over my car just as I turned in to his daycare. Grrrrrrrr! I stayed at home with him and did 6, yes 6, loads of laundry and cleaned my car. Not exactly a wicked fun day! But then, the tide turned...

Our new mattress arrived! After a rather comical display of us muscling the beast aboard it was in and oh so comfy! Who knew that pillow-topped latex could be so amazing?!?!?? Zzzzzzzzz...

8 1/2" pillow-topped latex from Handcraft Mattress Co.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baltimore weekend wrap-up

"Black Friday" was a mix of fun and pain for us.  Fun since the kids and Dad headed to the Maryland Science Center (which was about a 2 minute walk from the boat!), pain as I was doubled over with sharp pains in my upper abdomen for most of the day.  We tried some of that traditional, post-Thanksgiving medicine, Gas-X, to mend me and after lunch I ventured out to the Science Center with them.  I still had bouts of pain, but I can say I still enjoyed it--that place is a blast!  After we left the Science Center we stopped in to visit with Santa.  The kids were a little shy, but I think they liked it.  From there we headed over to a carousel the kids had been eying since we arrived--it was finally open and it made for a fun sunset activity!
The kids and I loved this old, wooden carousel!
We returned to the boat for dinner and to consider what to do with me.  I had fallen asleep at 8pm the night before, felt tired all day Friday, had this crazy pain that didn't go away after plenty of Gas-X, and I was running a fever around 101F.  A call to the doc of internal medicine in the family offered up a few possibilities, appendicitis being one, and we decided to track the timing/length/location of the pain for a while.  Within a few hours I was asleep! 

Saturday morning I was feeling better--still had some pain, but it was duller and less frequent and my fever had subsided.  Perhaps this was just a stomach virus???  We decided to make the most of our last few hours in Baltimore with a trip to the Constellation.  LOVED IT!  That ship is beautiful!  You can learn so much on a visit, and our kids even helped with morning colors.  The kids ran through it way too fast, but I still managed to enjoy it.  Such a great piece of history!

The First Mate and Captain await the opening of the Constellation.
Trent and Katreina help raise the colors.
We got underway easily from Baltimore before noon.  After a quick stop for fuel, we motored down the Patapsco River and headed south.  With no wind, we made good time motoring (while I made chili!) and ended up on a free USN mooring ball in Weems Creek.  It was a beautiful little spot that would have been perfect were it not for some alarm going off on a nearby boat all night.  Keeping with the theme of the day, we did movie night with "Master and Commander," comparing Surprise to the Constellation as we watched.

Today we are heading home, and I can't say I'm too excited.  This has been a nice break, and a great time with just our little family.   We had lots of sleepovers with the kids, fun in a new town, and lots of sleep!  I'm still having some stomach pains, and now Frank has a slight fever.  More and more I'm thinking we have some sort of virus.  Can't wait to get home, rinse the salt off the outside of the boat, and scrub down the inside!  For now we are motoring, with winds on the nose and a small craft advisory in effect.  In hindsight, we went the exact opposite direction for our trip in relation to the winds, but I'm glad we did.  I liked Baltimore and have added to my list of places to return to by boat, or even to visit during a deep freeze in winter!