Saturday, August 27, 2011

Plan B

This morning we added a few more lines (for a total of 13!) and got all the fenders in place. The wind had picked up a little, but it was still pretty calm. Nonetheless, the Captain ordered the women and children inland! Ok, of course I care about the safety of my children, but I had really started to get excited about experiencing this ordeal, good or bad, as a family. But the kids and I packed up and headed inland to stay with family in Gaithersburg while Frank stayed behind. It's a good thing he did as the fenders required repositioning. He's been hanging with 30+ knot winds since noon, and now it's up to 40. Just talked to him and he's doing well, as is the boat. The worst is yet to come, but I'm confident Frank and the boat will be fine.

All tied up and ready to go!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Preps continue...

Today Frank got all the canvas down, including the genoa, and lashed the dinghy to the deck. It was hot and humid (duh!!!) so we went to the pool, dined out, and had ice cream. Is there a better way to prepare? As the sun set we got to work adding lines and working the boat into her storm berth. We still have some back-up lines and 3 fenders to hang in the morning, but we have time. It will definitely be raining in the morning, but we are confident we can get adjusted in time. I've got my rain boots ready to go...good night!
Special forecast for Rose Haven created by the Aerographer's Mates I work with.  Awesome!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


After keeping an eye on the models for the past few days, it's looking like hurricane Irene will definitely be impacting us here. It's a little too early to guess at the surge we will see, but at this point it's pretty certain that we will see 50 knots sustained for a good stretch of time. The plan for now? Fill the water tanks, take down the bimini and dodger, clear the deck, move the boat forward, add some more spring lines and all the fenders, and hang on! Oh, and of course, get rum! If you think about it, we are sort of lucky here in that we have our own water and we are sitting on a floating generator--it's just that whole being on the coast during a hurricane thing that sucks. Most of our fellow U-dockers are planning to stay put, too. If it's getting too rough and we aren't close to the worst of it, we will move. It's not worth risking the kids getting hurt. Very interested to see what the weekend will bring...

In lighter news, Frank replaced the thermostat on the water heater today--we have hot water!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Don't rock the boat, baby!

Today's big event was to be kindergarten orientation, and while that was exciting another event stole the show--an earthquake! It was the event that almost wasn't for us...we were in cars and didn't have a clue it happened until I showed up at the little boy's daycare to pick him up (though in hindsight that wasn't a pothole that caused my car rock in a funny way). While the whole DC area got shook up pretty good, I took it as an opportunity to remember what's important and to live every day to the fullest. In that vein, Trent and I stopped off for an ice cream cone, then the whole family hit the pool and enjoyed dinner at Mango's. The weather was perfect and as we sat in the cockpit enjoying the evening we had some great chats with our neighbors. Word is the pilings swayed like crazy, but no boats were damaged. The only casualty was a potted tomato plant off of a neighbor's piling. All in all, not bad, but looks like a hurricane is thinking about heading this way soon...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Heating and Air Conditioning

As the daughter of a career HAVC-er, this post could be about the gas vs. electric, central air vs window units...but it is actually about the boat!  After seeing the water heater breaker unexpectedly trip a few times and not being able to rouse up any hot water Sunday, we've officially rendered the hot water heater broken.  Looks like the wire to the thermostat corroded and burned up, so the Captain/Chief Engineer is on the hunt for a suitable replacement.  In happier news, it was LOVELY out tonight!  It's amazing what 10-degree cooler temps and lower humidity will do for a gal.  We shut off the a/c and opened up the was so peaceful.

Tonight we also had an extremely low tide, so much so that I half joked about us being on the bottom at the pier.  Rest assured, we had a good 5 inches below the keel!  Geez....  It did make for a fun trip to explore the beach!
The boys exploring the shore at low, low tide.