Saturday, July 23, 2011


Since it is crazy hot here and we're not underway, I might as well catch up on a little boat news. First, we have a radar arch on order! We had been eyeing one for some time, or considering it or dinghy davits, but went for the arch! Now we have a home for our dinghy and for solar panels (a future purchase!). In related, unrelated news, we have a radar! Of course we aren't planning to put it on the arch, but we did get it with a rig to mount it on a backstay. We weren't really out to find one, but couldn't pass up a crazy deal on Craig's List. So to recap, that's a radar arch on order and a radar in the storage unit ready to be installed! Stay cool everyone!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Ok, these may not have been our first visitors, but they were the first visitors that we've had since we moved to Maryland, and the first time I've had a girlfriend see the crazy life I've chosen with my family.  My friend from college, Ashly, and her husband and 2 daughters passed through MD last night on their way home to TX and I was thrilled they were able to stop by and stay with us.  We managed to head out for a little sail, but the winds were approaching 20kts and little Audrey wasn't a fan of the choppy seas so we headed back in.  After perhaps our roughest docking yet (we WILL remember to remove the flagpole from now on!) we realized it was too hot and humid to do anything but swim!  We all headed over to the pool for some competitive diving and to introduce our guests to the world famous Orange Crush.  Dinner at Mango's followed, and the kids somehow tricked us into buying them ice cream from the bar.  Back at the boat, all 4 kids tucked into Katreina's room to watch a movie.  I loved it.  They all got along so well and were so sweet together--I could totally see us doing this again.  When it was finally time to turn in, we dropped the salon table and made the 4th bed up.  It's kind of quirky having to break down your family room to create a bedroom, but I love that Ashly and Jason were so cool about it all.  The marine heads didn't even phase this family!  And sharing our tiny home with their family didn't feel crowded at all. 

My only regret is that I didn't take a single photo!  I was so busy enjoying the moment that I didn't stop to capture it!  Maybe next time...I really hope we can all hang out together next year!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fun in the sun

Another great weekend! 4 hours at the pool yesterday--Trent jumped from the diving board for the first time (not bad or a 3-year old!)--then we had a great dock party/potluck and movie night on the beach. Today started with a slipholder breakfast followed by a great day of sailing, and I took the wheel for over an hour!  Then the kids and Frank hunted minnows at the beach..the highlight: Trent eating one alive!! I think we may watch too many survival shows on Discovery Channel. Tonight we're tidying up for our first visitors since the move! I'm so excited as this will also be the first time any of my old friends have seen our life afloat. Anxious, excited, and ready to see the Darnell family!
Great sailing on the Chesapeake!