Sunday, October 23, 2011


While we had been looking forward to October for some time out on the water, life had other plans. Right before the boat show we celebrated the marriage of our dear friend Jesse. That week we learned of an ailing family member, and this weekend we laid her to rest. Through all of this we have been enjoying a good deal of family time with the extended family, and it has been great to celebrate a wonderful woman's life and legacy.

While we've been off the water we have made some key improvements to the boat. For starters, skull lights and "boo" stickers are up, and a skeleton dangles from the port yardarm. We've also offloaded some of the summer clothes in favor of warmer garb. We even have new Fagor nesting pans on order so that we may stop ingesting flakes of Teflon from the old T-fals. But the biggest improvement came today, compliments of the Captain's hard work, in the form of new batteries! Now we can enjoy a weekend on the hook with the heat on without draining the bank. I can't wait to get out on the water this weekend and try it out!
"Captain Bandana" swinging from the yardarm.

Look at all that power!

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