Thursday, August 25, 2011


After keeping an eye on the models for the past few days, it's looking like hurricane Irene will definitely be impacting us here. It's a little too early to guess at the surge we will see, but at this point it's pretty certain that we will see 50 knots sustained for a good stretch of time. The plan for now? Fill the water tanks, take down the bimini and dodger, clear the deck, move the boat forward, add some more spring lines and all the fenders, and hang on! Oh, and of course, get rum! If you think about it, we are sort of lucky here in that we have our own water and we are sitting on a floating generator--it's just that whole being on the coast during a hurricane thing that sucks. Most of our fellow U-dockers are planning to stay put, too. If it's getting too rough and we aren't close to the worst of it, we will move. It's not worth risking the kids getting hurt. Very interested to see what the weekend will bring...

In lighter news, Frank replaced the thermostat on the water heater today--we have hot water!

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