Monday, August 22, 2011

Heating and Air Conditioning

As the daughter of a career HAVC-er, this post could be about the gas vs. electric, central air vs window units...but it is actually about the boat!  After seeing the water heater breaker unexpectedly trip a few times and not being able to rouse up any hot water Sunday, we've officially rendered the hot water heater broken.  Looks like the wire to the thermostat corroded and burned up, so the Captain/Chief Engineer is on the hunt for a suitable replacement.  In happier news, it was LOVELY out tonight!  It's amazing what 10-degree cooler temps and lower humidity will do for a gal.  We shut off the a/c and opened up the was so peaceful.

Tonight we also had an extremely low tide, so much so that I half joked about us being on the bottom at the pier.  Rest assured, we had a good 5 inches below the keel!  Geez....  It did make for a fun trip to explore the beach!
The boys exploring the shore at low, low tide.

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