Sunday, July 3, 2011

The start of our celebration weekend

Wow, our new home continues to impress! Saturday our marina hosted a carnival-like party, complete with bounce houses, tattoos, and food. We hit that up after spending the morning at the pool and that alone would have made for a great day, but that night there were fireworks! We walked about 3 minutes from the boat and sat on a grassy knoll to enjoy front row seats to a great show. The kids loved it!

Saturday we got underway and headed to Oxford.  The picture says it all...

After anchoring in Fatty Cove we decided to try out a first on Lehe Paine--swimming from the boat!!!  It was AWESOME!  It was so nice...the water helped cool us all off and once the kids got into it, they were jumping non-stop!  There were some jellyfish around, but we kept an eye out and no one got stung.  
 After dinner we made it into Oxford for a little ice cream, but a quick check of the radar told us it was time to get back to the boat.  Oh my!  Minutes after we got the kids on the boat, the wind kicked up something vicious and in no time we were dragging anchor!  Agh!  This had never happened before and I freaked out, almost losing my hand trying to hold onto the rode instead of letting it go when I should have.  After a few frantic minutes, letting out all our chain, and settling back in much closer to a few of our neighbors, we were set.  Once again, many lessons learned.  Much to our surprise the town still had fireworks, though Mother Nature almost stole the show.  During one big, brilliant firework a bolt of lightning shot through it and made for the most amazing mix of nature's and man's art.

It is so great to be back out on the water!

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