Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 235th USA!

This morning proved to be MUCH calmer than last night!  After a lazy morning we re-set our hook closer to town so the boys could run in and get some fuel for the dinghy.  Next stop--Cambridge, MD for night #3 of fireworks!  The wind wasn't all that favorable and our batteries needed a boost so we motored.  As we came into town we were shocked to find only one pontoon boat tied up to the free wall in town and headed in for a spot right behind it.  Our guides noted that the deepest water was in the middle of the wall (right where the pontoon boat was!) so we angled to get as close to that as possible.  I jumped off and gave the lines a mighty tug, but just as the boat was about 3 feet from the wall it stopped moving.  "It almost feels like we're in the mud," I shouted to my loving spouse who looked down at the fatho and concurred--we were definitely in the mud.  After using the dinghy to ferry myself back to the boat we checked the tides and sure enough, we had come in right at low tide.  Waiting it out we should be good to go.  The kids were asleep and it was over 90 degrees outside (and getting hotter by the minute inside the boat) so we did all that we could do--we waited!
Almost there!
After a few chats with locals and about an hour of patiently waiting (and powering and pulling!) we were free.  As luck would have it, the lunching pontooners were leaving, too!  We headed out in the basin and re-approached the wall, this time snugging up just fine.  We made it!  As soon as the kids were up I made some grapefruit juice slushies to help cool them down, and took a little walk.  On our way back we saw that Jan and Gary on "Tie a Knot," our neighbors in the anchorage last night, were tied up right behind us.  Small world!  Then we headed over to Snapper's to get some ice cream and froo-froo drinks--it was HOT and the a/c felt great!  After that treat we took to the dinghy to check out the town.  What it lacks in cute little shops it makes up for in quantity of berths and condos!  We also scoped out where to head for fireworks...

Without power we don't have a/c and I'm sorry, but it was just too hot for me to get excited about cooking dinner.  Back to Snapper's!  The food and service were great, and now we were ready for the night's festivities.  We started with sparklers and small fireworks by the boat, then headed over to Long Wharf Park and the marina for the "big show."  We followed all the locals and found some great seats on a pier.  WOW!  This might have been the best one!  The whole family loved it!  We had a nice walk back to the boat, which is still ridiculously hot.  Doesn't matter, though.  I had a great time with my family and wouldn't change a thing about this whole weekend!!!!  (Ok, maybe I'd take out the dragging anchor and soft grounding...)

Here's to Independence!

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