Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heading in the right direction

We've just moored in Singapore!  For some reason I'm not nearly as excited about being in Singapore as I am about being east of where I was before, which means I'm closer to my family.  That trend needs to continue!  Plans while here include a good deal of pool lounging, consumption of several fruity cocktails and/or beers, High Tea at the Tiffin Room in Raffles (Raffles is home to a bar where the Singapore Sling originated), a trip to the botanical garden, then more pool lounging..  Have to get off the ship first, though!  It takes hours to get the brows rigged and get the thousands of folks that want off the ship off, then into line to get on a handful of busses to leave the base, then onto some other conveyance to get into the city.  In short, it's a pain, but a pain that most are willing to put up with to get a break and check out someplace new. 

My greatest joy today was calling home and having Katreina answer the phone all by herself!  Frank was giving Trent a shower so Katreina masterfully slid the little bar on the face of the iphone to answer a call from Mommy!  We exchanged greetings before she got excited and pushed the big red button to end the call.  It was brief, yet perfect!

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