Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good tunes, great memories

I share a "cozy" office with 13 other people, so sometimes it's nice to slip the headphones on and escape.  Tonight while working I was in the mood for Rusted Root and hit "shuffle" to enjoy the 3 albums of theirs that I have loaded on my phone.  What luck...just a few songs into it was "Blue Diamonds" (the song Frank and I danced to at our wedding reception) followed immediately by "Send Me on My Way" (the song that was playing as we left the reception that night).  Those songs, in that order, brought back a wave of great memories from that day over 6 years ago that I got to marry my wonderful friend. 

Still too far away from home, but filled with very happy thoughts right now!  :)

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  1. :) 5 Months down, hopefully only a month and a half to go!!!!!!!!!!