Saturday, March 27, 2010

Last weekend in March

We got underway just before 9 this morning and headed out for a mixed day of sailing and motoring--very relaxing. We were shooting for Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island and made it around 4. At first there wasn't any room at the city pier so we hitched up to a linear moorage. We were hoping that a small sailboat that was at the pier wouldn't stay all night and we could get in. Just as we got settled on the linear moorage, the small boat left so we fired up the engine and snagged the spot!

Our patience resulted in a nice spot at the end of the pier. We headed into town to play at a park and walk around. Ended up doing pizza for dinner and got ice cream as a special treat.

Being on the pier has been nice for the access to town, but I think we prefer anchoring. It's just a little weird having all sorts of people walking the full length of your boat while you're hanging out, washing the kids, etc. We have more shades drawn right now than I think we've ever had! Still, a very nice night!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Travel, and not the kind I like

Well, I'm on my way back from San Diego after a week of training in preps for deployment. Honestly it wasn't bad training but logistics were a nightmare (sharing cars, staying 45 min from the training site, NALO flights...) and some of the days were crazy long. So we flew through some stuff early in the week and showed up this morning for one brief. That left me with something like 7 hours to sit and do NOTHING before my flight. So frustrating...if I'm going to be away from my family I want it to be for a good reason! Erg...

While the long days didn't allow me to see my in-laws in the area, I was able to have some good meals with my coworkers and get to know them better. That's important when you're about to spend 9 months together.

With any luck I'll be kissing my munchkins as they sleep within the hour...