Sunday, January 31, 2010

New home?

After a rather exciting few days of social events (Change of Command, new boss's reception, breakfast with some great friends, and a Chucky E. Cheese birthday party), we shifted focus a bit.

This week the port posted flyers stating that the 12th Street Yacht Basin, just north of where we are, is now open to live aboard applicants. Previously 12th Street, which accepts 40+ ft boats, was closed to live aboards even though they have slipside pump out, cable, phone, and water. It's like the best place to cleanly live aboard. We always thought they were just too snooty over there, but it seems that the city had blocked it based on previous plans to build condos next to it. Anyhoo, the condos fell through in this economy and now the basin is open to us! We stopped by the marina office yesterday and checked out a half dozen available slips. Pretty nice neighborhood! Backing in may be a challenge since it's been a while since we've done it, but I think we can swing it.

We'll head over to the office this morning to ask a few final questions and see about shifting! And then we're off to the Seattle Boat Show!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Um, not sure what to call this babble!

We totally miss Frank this week as he's away at a class, but we're having a pretty good time. Despite some problems getting the kids to sleep, I'm surviving. Work has been pretty busy and I feel a little like our lives are becoming an endless calendar discussion. When am I leaving? When is Frank traveling? When is that birthday party? Can we go to the wardroom function? Oh my gosh we need to plan a birthday party! Can we have guests that week? Will I make it to Fawn's wedding in time? When can we get underway for the whole weekend? Are we doing enough stuff with the kids???????? It's enough to drive me crazy!

I enjoyed reading about Abby Sunderland's departure on her solo-youngest-circumnavigation attempt. I don't think I could let my 16 year old girl out in that big 'ole ocean all alone, but I wish Abby, and Jessica Watson who is also out there attempting the same feat, the best. I was so touched to see that her brother Zac, who had held the record briefly last year, was by his sister's side as she prepared and even sailed alongside her in his own boat as she got underway. I hope Katreina and Trent are that close and supportive of one another when they get older.

Frank has done a ton of maintenance in the past few weeks and I don't even know what he did! Hopefully he'll shed some light on that... (hint, hint, babe!)

This weekend we're heading to the Seattle Boat Show--dangerous!!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

A family apart

I'm away from home right now and of course I miss everyone terribly, but it's always nice to get little nuggets like this one from Frank, which he sent last night:

We had a little drama this afternoon, but not too bad. Unfortunately, Trent saw me when I was picking up Katreina for swimming, and I didn't have the heart to leave him behind. It didn't help when the teacher yelled, "Trent, look! There's your Daddy!!" Of course, she didn't realize I was trying to just pick up K, so it wasn't her fault. Anyway, Trent behaved pretty well at swimming once I let him lay on the floor and play peek a boo with some 5-6 year old girl. Katreina did really good swimming, but threw a tantrum when the teacher told her swim class was over. Drama! I discovered the family showers and gave T and K both showers there since I had them both (why not, besides Trent wanted to get wet). Trent had a mini-meltdown as we were leaving (he didn't want to go), but other than that the kids ate dinner and played really well. Trent and Katreina (but especially Trent) keep asking about you, and every time they get in trouble they of course "want mommy"!! Storytime was nice, and the kids have been going to bed really nice.

He's awesome...left work 2 hours early so his little girl could go to swimming only to endure that evening. This morning I got another note from him saying that "Katreina is killing me." He found her in a bed soaked with pee. Poor guy. I honestly do wish I was there to help out!

This is just the start of a very long year and already this underway period is causing me to miss Frank's birthday. It will actually be 2012 before I have a chance of being with him on his birthday again. I guess that's the lot we've chosen!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A little entertainment

Who says it's tough to entertain a family on a small boat? A simple trip to the store for a new swimsuit seemed to be all we needed to get the party going...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

"MAN OVERBOARD, OFF THE STERN!" a.k.a. "That'll learn him!"

It was bound to happen sometime. After 8 months of putting life jackets on the kids every time we come or go, the reasoning was proven. Trent and Frank were at Harbor Marine for some "man shopping" and upon their return, Trent ran ahead of Frank on the pier. At the boat, he turned and looked at Frank, Frank told him to hold up, and he completely disregarded him and stepped for the stern. Funny thing? He made it! But standing on one foot he sort of fell backward/slid down into the water between the boat and the pier. While most people might panic, Frank got to him and plucked him out--his life jacket had him head-up, right there. We got him inside, stripped off his cold, wet clothes, checked him for bumps (I wanted to make sure he didn't knock his noggin on the pier/boat/light post nearby), and got him in some snuggly sweats. It's been all of 5 minutes and he's just fine, snacking and playing with his sis.

Frank believes this will help him listen next's yet to be seen. Still love living on the boat!