Friday, November 5, 2010

Mail call, mail call!

A recent replenishment at sea brought us something like 115 pallets of mail, and I was a winner!  Got a box of magazines, drawings, and snacks from Frank and the kids that was barely in one piece when I got it, and I got some movies and music from my sis Brandi!  It was all definitely nice to see, especially as I've had some rough days out here.  The funny thing about mail out here is that every package gets sat on by an elephant at least 3 times.  These specially trained elephants work very hard to compact our mail so that more of it fits on the airplane or pallet that it's strapped to, therefore allowing us to get it faster!  Sure...

Today we have the group "Gloriana" onboard to give a concert for the sailors.  That's pretty cool!  Too bad I have a migraine and will probably try to stay as far away from the noise as humanly possible.  :(  I'm still just amazed that they pull this type of stuff off at sea.

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  1. Man, wish I had read this post before mailing the box yesterday. Would have tried to reinforce it against the elephants!! Hope it arrives unharmed.