Friday, October 8, 2010

KL--day 1

Well, a cold beer sure tasted good yesterday!  Other than that, not much to report.  I made some spa appointments, ate room service (yes, it is good at the Ritz!), and read.  A few things struck me on my trip into the big city (1 1/2 hrs each way):

1.  Kuala Lumpur is a mix of super-trendy, posh, towering skyscrapers and run-down, crumbling flats.  These are all mixed together.  It's not like there is the "fancy downtown" and the "other side of the track."  It's all mixed together.  Lots of construction is going on so maybe that's going to change.

2.  Walking in most of the city is a life-threatening experience.  Crosswalks are rare, cars are fast, and sidewalks aren't terribly consistent.  I feel for anyone who is limited in their mobility.

3.  Malaysians (thus far) are a very nice, quiet people.  Made me completely embarrassed to see and hear the loud, obviously American sailors that were whooping it up at, of all places, the Ritz-Carlton. 

4.  Radio ads and billboards that talk about ways to conserve energy and resources are everywhere.  I hope they are having success with those initiatives as they at least seem to be trying very hard.

5.  This is not Everett, WA.  Because it's not Everett, WA I find that I am completely disinterested.  I want to experience new places and cultures but it is hard when my favorite travel partner is so far away, working so hard to take care of everything at home.  Liberty buddy rules and duty make just getting out a logistical challenge, but once you do you can usually have a good time.  I'm just too miserable at this point to really allow that to happen.  Hopefully my next trip out tomorrow will be better.

It's duty day today!

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