Sunday, September 5, 2010

One last trip (again!)

Friday morning we left Obstruction Pass and headed toward Massacre Bay, the first place we visited in the San Juans last year.  We figured why not end it like it began!  On the way we slipped into Deer Isle for some gas--great marina there--and made it to an anchorage right off Skull Island State Park in the early afternoon.  We paddled around a bit that afternoon, but the tide was high so it was tough to get at the critters.  Instead we decided to explore on foot.  The kids entertained themselves by hauling around a piece of driftwood!

Saturday we had a great paddle around the tidelands, playing with all kinds of starfish!  I love seeing the kids get excited by the stuff we find.  On the beach they would scream out "holy cow" as they'd flip over rocks and send baby crabs scurrying in all directions.  They both got cut up pretty good by barnacles, but they were having fun.  After lunch we hiked again since the tide was up and then made a little sand (a.k.a. barnacle shell) castle on the beach, complete with driftwood bridges and buildings.  It was pretty breezy and chilly, so much to the kids' dissapointment I did not let them splash around in swim suits. 

Today we had to start heading back home sadly.  We went through the Swinomish Channel this time (way less scary the second time around!) and are now anchored in Coupeville.  We had hoped to get on the dock, but there wasn't room.  We made a fun trip, all 4 of us in the tandem kayak, to town for ice cream, playing in a park, and dinner on the pier.  Of course we had Penn Cove mussels since we were in Penn Cove and I was thrilled that Katreina ate some, too! 

I've had such a great time these past few days.  This is what I love and I can't say that I'm thrilled to be heading back home now, then back to the ship, then off on deployment.

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