Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday, Sunday...

So I've mentioned before that Sundays are quite special onboard, with one less meeting and brunch instead of breakfast and lunch.  I took advantage of the opportunity to sleep in, then went out to find a new gym.  I started in the hangar bay using a medieval contraption called a "Versa Climber."  I managed to "climb" to the top of the Space Needle (which totally made me think of home) before giving up.  That thing is just hard!  From there I headed to the new Horizon/Seaside Gym.  In comments to my last post my mom mentioned that "The Boat Show" (check out the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN page on Facebook!) had shown the great view from the rowing machines in that gym and let me tell you, after weeks of working out in white/grey rooms, it was AWESOME!  I biked while watching dolphins frollick and whales pass by.  Then I rowed, imagining I was helping to power the ship along.  And I did all of this, breathing in deep, sucking in the sweet smell of...BACON!!!  I know, I know, you thought I would say "salty sea air" or maybe even "jet exhaust," but it being Sunday morning the only smell out there was bacon!  It really makes working out a greater form of torture than it usually is, but somehow I made it through.

Sounds like the kids and Frank are having yet another awesome weekend.  He sent me great pics of the kids trying out the new toilet he put in their head (boy do I wish I could post photos from out here!) and of them out enjoying the concert at the marina.  And perhaps my favorite pic of the weekend was one of the great sunset, enjoyed from the cockpit of the sailboat.  I miss seeing that with Frank. 

Getting set for a busy week here as our training and testing continues.  Thanks to all the family and friends that are supporting me and all the other Sailors out here--it means a lot to us!

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