Monday, July 26, 2010

Homefront Funnies

If you're not a parent or you can't appreciate potty humor, read no further!

I always love hearing about what the family is up to, especially on the weekends because Frank always seems to do really cool stuff with the kids.  Saturday they got to go play around on the Jetty Island beach and Sunday they did some domestic chores and hung out at the Farmer's Market.  But there were a few funnies from Frank's note to me last night that I just have to share:

- After I commented on how the kids look like they've already grown, Frank reports "I do know that Trent has somehow grown over the past 4-5 days because he can now (just barely) pee in the potty without the stepstool.  He is very proud about this!"  Aren't we all!  Gotta love the measuring sticks we use in our house!
- (Quoted directly from Frank)  Trent yelled for me ("I'm DONE") after her was done pooping (like his 3rd of the day, each one just barely a poop), so I went in to wipe.  He said "OK Mr Frank Powers," turned around, and went face-down ass-up.  What can you say in reply?  I found not much!

I love all these silly stories.  Definitely keeps me involved in what's going on at home. 

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