Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Let me start off today's post by saying that I'm proud to serve with so many outstanding Americans!

Yesterday morning we left the beauty of Eagle Harbor on Cypress Island after a hearty pancake breakfast.  With the current we made very good time to Deception Pass and went through on slack just as the kids were having lunch.  It was a pretty gorgeous morning and lots of folks were out on the beaches there.  We just enjoyed the trip this time, fully realizing that it may be one of the last times we get to make that transit for a while.  Just beyond the pass was Coronet Bay, a nice little refuge with floats and docks that are part of the state park.  We managed to get on a dock that was right on shore and tied up with ease.  The weather kind of went downhill, but after nap time we all went for a nice long walk down a trail to a beach.  Along the way we chatted with a family who also lives aboard in our marina.  Small world...  The kids even found a bulldozer to play on!
Despite the rain,  Katreina wanted to play on the beach after our walk so she and I got nice and messy while the boys headed inside.  She happily dug at the sand with a shell and managed to find a few crabs!

The whole time we were here there were crowds of people fishing for smelt off the dock.  It was crazy!   They were even here at 6:30 am today!  Nice to see so many families enjoying the outdoors together.

This was definitely not our typical trip.  We usually head to a location, spend a few days at anchor there, then head back.  Though different, I kind of liked this weekend.  I think it gave Frank more time to hang out with all of us and we got to see a lot of places.  Now we're headed home, and of course NOW the sun is coming out.  Looking forward to scrubbing the boat with my little girl!

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